Aroma Mattina – Another Aceline Entertainment Ltd production

The producers of Aceline Entertainment Ltd are proud to present their fifth production, Aroma Mattina to be aired on ONE as from October 2012 presented by Manuel Xuereb and Pauline Agius, every Monday to Friday between 10.30 till noon. With productions like the award winning programme, Showtime, Go Euro Showbox, Allegria and Aroma Kitchen, one can only expect another high quality programme.

The Director, Steve Aquilina has confirmed that with the help of all the dedicated team at ONE, Aceline Entertainment Ltd has invested heavily on this new production with a brand new 360 degree studio and is very excited about hitting the airwaves with this fresh production.

Both presenters, Manuel and Pauline are working hand in hand as to ensure that the content will entice and entertain ONE’s loyal viewers. ‘We have done away with Porcelain, Filigree, fabric and health issues’ as there is more than enough of that on local media.

Entertainment, live cake decorating competitions, Culture news and updates, outdoor features and an overall fun programme with inspiring and innovative ideas.

Every Monday and Wednesday, Manuel will be preparing some healthy meals, Tuesday and Friday will be for our guest chefs and every Thursday, the cake decorating competition. Needless to say, some great prizes to be won. Last year on Aroma Kitchen, over €21,000 worth of prizes were won.

One main upgrade to studio 5 will be the nine, full screen monitors covering most of the wall where features and games will be aired together with live links for the pre-established schedule and our tele-viewers. Needless to say, with some nice prizes to be won on a daily basis.

During the first two months of the programme we will be giving out 7 trips to a 5 star hotel in Rome with everything paid for. We will be giving out more information as how to participate during the programme.

This year it will be possible for anybody to participate in our competitions as apart from our sms number of 50615016, we have also introduced a phone line so that anybody either using a mobile or fixed line could register their number on 52302066.