Aceline Entertainment Ltd first collaborated together with Studio 7 to produce the Saturday Night hit entertainment program Showtime which was aired on TVM and reached thousands of viewers every week, with presenters Manuel Xuereb and Moira Delia complimenting each other. An audience assessment which was carried out by the Broadcasting Authority, showed that Showtime placed in 4th, making it the fourth most watched program on the island.

Showtime then began to air on ONE tv every Friday night, keeping up its successful viewer rate with Manuel then sharing the limelight with presenter Angele Cauchi. Showtime is a varied program, that has proved itself by reaching a high share of quality viewers, with ages ranging between teens to the older generation, coming from different social strata. Showtime is totally entertainment based, having resident dancers, singers as well as guest acts giving exposure to and promoting local talent. giving the viewer the chance to enjoy some good quality showbiz tv, which can clearly be seen during any Showtime programme. Working with a positive team and energetic crew that are all professionally trained to make sure that what is arriving at home is nothing less than the best. Some of the highlights on the programme was a singing contest known as Opportunity 2, which was a concept created in collaboration with Malta Song Board. This part of the show was dedicated to allowing the public to vote for contestants who had never participated previously as finalists for the Malta Song for Europe Festival. This allowed us to see alot of new faces, with new songs from Maltese Authors and composers. Another highlight was Show Me You Can Dance which was a dance contest with 18 participants, who passed through 20 weeks of tough dance training, and a full on schedule working alongside some of Malta’s top dance trainers such as Felix Busuttil, Justin Roy Barker and Pippa Gee Roberts. Each contestant was judged weekly with a number of grand prizes in the end. Besides leaving the audience highly entertained, Showtime also keeps viewers looking forward to the following programme to see what’s in store next. Showtime is on the move in more ways than one, with current developments still underway………..