Duxelle is a classic mushroom filling. To make the duxelle, cook the finely chopped shallot in a spoon of butter until soft Add the pancetta, chopped mushrooms and season well with salt and pepper. Finish off with the chopped parsley. Cut the veal slices in halve and place a spoonful of the duxelle in the centre of each slice of meat. Top up with a slice of the cheese, and fold the meat over to secure the filling inside. Dust the veal pockets with the flour and cook in a spoon of olive oil and butter in a large pan over moderate heat. When the veal is cooked, remove the pockets from the pan and place in an oven dish. Add the de frosted frozen mushrooms to the same pan and cook for a couple of min. Stir in the balsamic vinegar, port and the beef stock and reduce by halve until the sauce thickens and has a nice shiny color. To serve, Warm up the veal pockets for a couple of minutes in a fairly hot oven and serve with the mixed mushrooms sauce.

Suggested accompanying wine: DELICATA Victoria Heights Merlot D.O.K. Superior Gozo

Serves 2

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