Cut the potatoes in cubes and boil until softened, crush and add the dolcelatte cornflower and 1 tbsp grated cheese, season and mix well. Place in an oven tray and sprinkle with the grated cheese left, finish in oven until browned. Soak and simmer the chestnuts in the pear juice, while in a separate pan sauté the leeks in butter with the chilli , add the pear cut in segments and chopped sage, allow pear to soften than remove from heat. Once chestnuts are softened crush and mix with the stuffing. Cut the turkey breast in 4 steaks and on a well preheated pan seal well the breast until well browned, remove from pan and finish in oven. Add the mulled wine to the pan and summer until thick to drizzle as a sauce. Cut the carrot in chunks and blanch, blanch also the broccoli and than toss in salted butter or olive oil with the cherry tomatoes.

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