Remove the duck extra fat and pan fry fat side first without adding extra oil to the sauté pan. Once sealed from both sides remove from pan, add honey and thin sliced peeled beetroot. Before beetroot starts to brown add the stock and simmer until beetroot becomes soft than blend well into a puree. Finish the duck in the oven than allow to rest for a minute before carved and served. Chop the leek and sauté in butter on low heat with the mixed spice and thyme. Peel and cut the pear lengthwise, chop half and add to the pan, add also the rest of the pear. Stir for a few minutes and remove the 2 pear halves from the pan, add the turmeric than the risotto and stir continuously. Pour in the wine, stock and simmer until cooked through. Place the pear halves on the oven tray with the Duck and roast until duck is medium cooked. Serve the risotto on the side with the pear on top.

Serves 2

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