Start this recipe by rolling out the pastry into a rectangle and prick all over with a fork. Place on lined baking tray and cook in the oven at 200`c until golden brown. Allow to cool before cutting out 12 round discs. Next, melt the chocolate and spread a thin layer on top all 12 pastry discs and allow to set. Meanwhile, dust the bananas with icing sugar on both sides. Heat the butter in the pan and quickly brown the bananas on both sides. Splash in the rum to evaporate then remove of the heat. Next, whip the cream to soft peaks then gently fold in the condensed caramel to produce a delicious caramel cream and place into a piping bag. To put this dessert together, pipe mounds of the caramel cream onto 4 pastry discs covered with chocolate. Arrange over 4 pieces of banana on each then cover with another disc covered with chocolate. Repeat the process, ending up with a pastry disc on top. Finally finish off with a dust of icing sugar, chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings.

Serves 4

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