This recipe is very quick and easy to prepare. Start by making the sweetcorn salsa by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. Chill the salsa in the fridge while you prepare the quesadillas. Prepare the filling by sweating the garlic, onion and chilli together in a large frying pan with the olive oil. Add in the sliced steak, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and season with salt to taste. Quickly fry the steak for a couple of minutes till cooked through, and add in the kidney beans. You can now start putting the quesadillas together. Place the tortillas wraps on your work bench, spaced apart, and divide the steak filling amongst the 4 wraps. Spread the mixture out onto ½ of the tortilla. Spoon over the sweetcorn salsa, and finally sprinkle over the grated mature Cheddar cheese. Fold the wraps in ½ and cook them on a grill on both sides to crispen the tortillas and melt the cheese. When they are ready to serve, remove the tortillas from the grill and cut each one in ½. Serve the spicy beef quesadillas on large plates, with a small serving of guacamole and sour cream in bowls on the side.

Suggested accompanying wine: DELICATA Gran d vin de Hauteville Shiraz cabernet D.O.K. Malta

Serves 4

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