For the sauce will need, bones and trimmings from the lamb ,few carrots, leeks, red wine, celery, tomato paste, red pepper corns and rosemary. Clean well the rack of lamb from any extra fats, and use the trimmings for the sauce. Seal the lamb in a pan and attach the herb crust on top of the meat side of the rack. Cut the vegetables in a roughly cut for the sauce and cook till golden brown, add the tomato paste and red wine. Than reduce and add the rosemary and red pepper corns. Prepare the vegetable to form a ratatouille to be placed as a bed for the rack of lamb. Boil the sliced potatoes and then shallow fry them in a pan. Place the rack of lamb in the oven for approx 12-15 minutes to a temp of 160`c. Plate all ingredients and serve the sauce warm on top of the meat.


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