Take 4 scallops and put in a deep freeze for 20 minutes to set slightly, this should allow you to slice the scallops thinly. Wash, hull and chop the strawberries, marinade with the red wine vinegar, chopped chilli, soy sauce, brown sugar and finely chopped coriander and basil leaves. Heat the butter with a spoon of olive oil, pat dry the scallops and shallow fry until caramelized before flipping over, approx. 3 minutes, cook for further 1 minute. Cut the sliced carrots, leeks and cucumber into fine strips, marinade lightly with the lime juice. Remove scallops from freezer and slice thinly, lay the slices onto a serving plate. Add 2 spoons of the vegetable salad into 2 different spots and lay the caramelized scallops on top. Garnish the scallops with the strawberries and dress the scallop Carpaccio with the obtained marinade.

Serves 2

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