Wash the eggplant and lengthwise into 5mm thick slices, grill or bake as desired until soft and flexible. Meanwhile, whisk the yogurt together with the curry powder, oil, zest & juice of lemon. Put the fish fillets on a lined baking dish with baking paper, skin side down. Brush the fish fillets with the curry sauce; allow marinade for minimum of 2 hours in a refrigerator. Bake the fish for approximately 10 minutes in a hot oven before serving. To make the cannelloni, mix the ricotta cheese with chopped parsley, coriander, salt, pepper and 1 egg. Spread this mixture over the eggplant and roll like cannelloni. Pass through flour, dip in egg and bread crumbs. Shallow fry or bake; as desired with extra light olive oil until golden and crispy. Decorate the plate with the remaining curry sauce, blueberry slices and coriander leaves. Place the fish fillets on top and serve together with the crispy cannelloni.

Serves 2

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