Aroma Kitchen by Manuel – Book2

My inspiration for book 2 came from you, my loyal televiewers and all the people that have a copy of the first edition `AROMA kitchen by Manuel`. My first publication practically sold out within 3 months of it being out on the shelf, and for this I would like to say a big thank you. I was overwhelmed by the response and immediately started working on book 2. Included in this edition you will find 8 sections, all translated into English and Maltese. Again, I have included both savoury and sweet recipes which are easy to prepare with perfect results.

I have started with a short section on fresh herbs. Fresh herbs play such an important role in any recipe and many of us still do not know what to use them with. I have chosen 8 of the most common herbs and given a brief description of their taste and what ingredients you can use them with.

Also included is a soup section, with both hot and cold recipes. Soups are so easy to prepare and include such wholesome, healthy ingredients. They can be served as a starter, or in a larger quantity as a main meal. I have also included a section dedicated to starters. Included is a wide selection of recipes which will suite anyone’s tastes.

How many of you get home from work and have no idea what you are going to cook for dinner? Turn the book to page 17 and prepare to be inspired, as I have put together a feast for you.

Most of us love pasta…it must be because we are so close to Italy. I have included my favorite pasta and gnocchi recipes which will definitely get your taste buds working. For those of you that are feeling adventurous, you will also find my step-by-step fresh egg pasta recipe which you must try out. Believe me, once you make your own fresh pasta, you will never buy dried pasta again!

I haven’t forgotten those of you with a sweet tooth. Three sections are dedicated to cakes and sweets. Remember the sweets that nanna used to bake when you were young? I have chosen some of my favourite traditional Maltese sweets for you, like bread pudding, almond fingers, fried date rolls and sweet ricotta cannoli. For those of you that love afternoon tea, you must try my selection of delicious cakes and cheesecakes, perfect for Sunday afternoon. Finally, I end the book with my very best Christmas recipes, but remember to make your apple mincemeat and Christmas cake well in advance.

I hope that you enjoy my recipes as much as I have enjoyed preparing them for you. Always remember, good food is the passion that we share with our best friends and family, bringing us closer together. Live life to the full…eat, drink and love!

AROMA Kitchen by Manuel book 2 is available in Malta and Gozo in all leading book shops, stationaries and all other shops where you see a poster. The retail price is euro23.99

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