Start this recipe by whipping the cream  to soft peaks with the icing sugar and a few drops of colouring to make pink. Meanwhile, place the sliced strawberries, broken Oreos and Madeira cake in a large bowl. Reserve 4 heaped tbsp of the whipped cream, and add the remaining to the sponge mixture and carefully fold together. Line a 19 cm deep loose bottomed cake tin with non-stick paper and press in the cake mixture. Flatten the top and place in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours. When ready, carefully remove from the tin and discard the paper. Place onto a cake stand and using a palette knife, smooth the reserved cream around the edges to give a clean finish if desired. I personally don’t mind seeing the bits of cake through. Next, making sure that the melted chocolate has cooled down well buy still runny, spoon ½ of the melted chocolate on top and even out. Quickly place the remaining chocolate in a piping bag and pipe around the top edge of the cake, dripping it down the side at different lengths. Allow the chocolate to set before decorating the top  and sides with the mini Oreos, strawberries, chocolate egg and other decorations.

Serves 12

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