Start this recipe by cutting the aubergines in half horizontally and blanche in hot water for 1 minute to soften, then transfer to a baking tray. Scoop out the flesh and chop. Next, fry the onion and garlic in 1 tbsp oil for 3 minutes to soften then add in the mince and brown. Add in the chopped aubergine flesh and mixed herbs and spices and cook for 3 minutes to soften. Add in the tomato paste and cook for a minute. Add in the water and cook for 5 minutes. Stir in the parsley and coriander and use this mixture to fill the 4 aubergine halves. Cook in the oven at 200`c for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, make the minted yogurt dressing by mixing together the plain yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, chopped mint and season with salt and pepper. Make up the couscous according to the instructions on the packet and mix in the remaining ingredients. When the aubergines are cooked, serve drizzled with the minted yogurt dressing, crumble over the gbejna and decorate with the pine nuts and herb leaves. Serve the lemon and coriander couscous on the side.

Serves 4

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