Place the cracked peppercorns, fennel, pepper, dill, salt and sugars together in a medium bowl. Rub fish all over with the spices. Line a long baking pan or rimmed platter with plastic wrap. Place the salmon side up and place dill, and mixture of salts and sugar. Top with remaining piece of salmon. Cover with additional plastic wrap, sealing the fish. Place a heavy pan or tray on fish. Weigh down pan with cans or bottles. Refrigerate for 12 hrs on each side. 1 day on each side if desired. To serve, remove fish from refrigerator. Remove plastic wrap. Pour off collected juices and wipe off excess brine and dill. Slice diagonally from one corner of the salmon towards the centre of the fillet. To serve, fold a slice of salmon on French bread or toasted brioche. Smear with a spoonful of honey and mustard and garnish with dill.

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