Slice ¾ of the salmon in this slices and place on a plate covered with cling film. Cut the rest of the salmon in cubes and place on another place also covered in cling film. Zest the lemon and one lime, squeeze the juice and mix with same amount of olive oil, pour on the salmon, cover with clinc film and allow for few minutes. Mix well the dip and cream cheese and leave in the fridge. Dice the avocado and squeeze the other lime in. Use 2 small round cutters to make small timbals, using a spoon place the diced salmon at the bottom, avocado next and the garlic cream cheese. Cover the top with the oasta and place in the fridge to set. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halfs and place on a tray, sprinkle with salt and roast until tomatoes are dried. Cut same shape narrow long triangles with the filo brush with melted butter and place four on each other. Place on a non slip mat and bake until golden brown. On a flat plate serve the salmon slices, sprinkle with chopped chilly and parsley. Place the timbale in the middle and remove the mould, garnish with the filo twirl roasted cherry tomatoes and pea shoot.

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