Place the milk to heat in a small sauce pan while in another pan you cook the butter and flour, whisking them together to make the base. When the milk comes to the boil take both pans off the heat and pour all the milk at once onto the base, whisking hard with a large whisk to blend the two into a smooth and lump free white sauce. Should lumps form…don’t worry, just strain the white sauce through a sieve. Cook just 2 or 3 pasta pieces at a time in salted boiling water to which you have added a little oil. Remove with a slotted spoon and place on a dish. Turn them over to dry both sides. Start by mixing in a separate bowl the ricotta, egg white, Parmiggiano cheese , egg white and basil. Then Layer the sheet of pasta with a thin coating of ricotta cheese, Fontina cheese , spinach and a little nutmeg ( optional ) and roll up each in piece into a cylinder. Bake at 180`c for about 30 minutes until is crisp and golden. Serve individual plates and surround with béchamel and parsley.

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