Clean the calamari by putting your fingers in the calamari body, there’s a long piece of cart ledge it’s almost like plastic, just pull it out. Cut the calamari into rings, medium size cuts and just put on the side for now. In a frying pan heat oil put garlic and spring onions add the calamari,chillies and fresh basil,add the white wine and reduce by half after add the tomato sauce, 8 rinsed chick peas, salt and pepper, finally add the fresh spinac. You don’t want rubbery calamari; the rule is cooking it for 2 minutes or two hours. In-between it becomes rubbery. Get a large pot of water, add salt bring to a boil. This is for the pasta. Now that your water is boiling add your Pappardelle, follow the cooking time on the label. In-between it becomes rubbery. Now let’s put it together, once the Pappardelle is ready, strain the water. Put in a pan with the mixture, toss and serve. Optional: Add fresh lemon zest.

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