For the pesto, pulse the blanched almonds into rough chunks. Chop the tomatoes and mix together with the remaining ingredients . Next, Slit 2 of the calamari, with a sharp knife, cut slits, criss-cross without cutting through. Slice the calamari into long strips. Take 2 of the prepared calamari and quick fry in hot oil with chopped garlic, chilli, parsley and zests. Splash with the wine and simmer to allow evaporation, correct seasoning, add zests; toss in the cooked pasta and bind with the Pesto Trepanise. Take the remaining calamari and the tentacles and mix with the flour semolina, lemon pepper and turmeric. Place in a sieve and dredge to remove excess mixture. Deep fry in hot oil until golden and crisp. Garnish the pasta dish with the fried calamari.

Serves 2

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