Honey and soy pork skewers

Dice the pork and toss with the spices, add 1 tbsp honey and the soy sauce. Thread the pork on two sticks and seal on a well preheated griddle pan than place on a tray add the rest of the honey on and grill in the oven.

Roasted pumpkin and almond salad with feta cheese

Dice and roast the pumpkin until browned, trim and blanch the French beans than toss together. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves, zest the orange and squeeze the juice and mix in. Once vegetables are cooled add the herbs, spinach, crushed almonds and feta.

Apple and walnut rice salad

Boil the rice with the turmeric, than strain and cool under cold water. Dice the apple, slice the celery, crush the walnuts, cut the grapes in half and mix together with the yogurt. Mix well the rice with the yoghurt mixture and keep in the fridge until serving.

Chilli ginger and prawn pasta salad

In olive oil sauté the chopped chilli, ginger, spring onion and zest until softened, finally add the well drained prawns and toss. Drain the pasta and toss with the sautéed vegetables, coriander and season. keep in the fridge until serving.

Serves 3-4

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