Start this recipe by grilling the slices of aubergine and the Portobello mushroom in a large pan with the oil till cooked through. Place 2 slices of grilled aubergine onto a baking tray and spread over 1 tbsp of pesto. Lay over the sliced tomato and cover with another slice of grilled aubergine. Place the Portobello mushrooms on top and cover with the scamorza cheese. Place into the oven at 200`c and heat through for 4-5 minutes for the cheese to soften. Remove from the oven. Cut the buns in half and toast. Spread the remaining pesto on the 2 bun bases and lay over a few lettuce leaves. Place the vegetable stacks on top and finish off with the bun tops. Place a fancy skewer into each burger to hold together and serve with roasted sweet potato fries

Serves 2

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