Start this recipe by preparing the sauce. Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and cook down to reduce to a think sauce for a few minutes. Remove off the heat and allow to cool down. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a griddle pan and cook the beef rump steak for a few minutes. Allow to cool then slice thinly. Also, cook the boil in the bag quinoa as per instructions and turn out into a bowl. Mix ½ of the prepared sauce into the cooked quinoa, along with the spring onion, chopped coriander leaves and season with pepper. To put the rolls together, take a rice paper wrap and immerse totally in water for 10 seconds. Remove and pat down with kitchen paper. Place 3 slices of chilli down the centre and a few mint leaves. Top with a spoonful of the quinoa, a few bean shoots and a few slices of beef. Fold in the ends and wrap up like a spring roll. Repeat the process with the remaining ingredients. Serve the rice paper rolls with the remaining sauce in a small bowl on the side.

Serves 12

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