Season the rabbit legs with salt and pepper, seal the meat in hot olive oil until browned. Remove from pan, cook the vegetables for a couple of minutes in the same pan, adding more oil if pan is too dry. Bring the rabbit legs back to the vegetables; add in herbs, orange zest and spices, further cook for a couple of minutes. Stir in the tomato paste and deglaze with the Port wine. Add in the cranberries, orange juice and chestnuts, cover with the chicken stock, bring to the boil and set to simmer until rabbit meat falls off the bone. Flake the rabbit flesh, discard of the bones and return the meat to the sauce. Meanwhile cook the pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. Drain the pasta, add to the rabbit sauce , toss over moderate heat, add a spoonful of butter, stir in the cheese and parsley.

Serves 2

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