For best results, the chicken and red peppers should be cooked on a barbeque for a nice, char-grilled flavour. Start this recipe by making the marinade for the chicken. Mix the dry spices together with the natural yogurt, oil and lime juice. Season well with salt and pepper, and then add in the chicken fillets. Coat them all over with the spicy marinade and leave in the fridge for 1 hour for the spices to infuse the chicken. Just before you are ready to cook the chicken, prepare the salad. Put the salad leaves and sliced red onion in a bowl. Remove the skin off the cucumber, and slice into thin chunks. Add these to the salad, along with the yogurt, mint leaves, lime juice and lots of fresh seasoning and mix well. Divide the salad between 2 serving plates. Meanwhile, de-seed the red peppers and cut them into 4 pieces. Drizzle over some oil and cook the marinated chicken fillets and peppers on the hot charcoal grill. The chicken will develop a wonderful charred spicy flavour while cooking. When ready, place the cooked peppers on the salad and top off with the spicy chicken fillets.

Serves 2

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