Preheat the oven to 160C while you prepare the pudding moulds. Grease the moulds with some butter and dust liberally with plain flour. This will prevent the puddings from sticking during cooking. Next, sift the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and mix well. Add the sugar, walnuts, pineapple, sultanas, mashed banana, passion fruit pulp, grated carrot, oil and eggs and mix well to completely combine. Pour the cake mixture into the prepared pudding moulds and place into the oven. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked through. Test that the puddings are cooked by pushing a skewer into the centre of the cake. If the skewer comes out clean the cake is ready. Remove the cooked puddings from the oven while you prepare the lime cream cheese. Place the cream cheese in a bowl and mix in the zest and juice of 1 lime. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat for 20 seconds to melt the cream cheese to a pouring consistency. Alternatively, you can heat the cream cheese in a small saucepan over a low heat till melted. Place the warm puddings on your serving plates and drizzle over the lime cream cheese. Sprinkle over the chopped pecan nuts and the zest of the remaining lime before serving. Suggested accompanying wine: DELICATA Casella Moscato Sweet White Wine

Serves 10

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