Marinade the beef steaks with a drizzle of olive oil, the garlic and a few thyme springs. Prepare the Parma ham parcels; Put 2 slices of ham on each other in the shape of a cross. Pipe a blob of pate’ in the centre and fold sides to close the filling, set aside. To prepare the duchesse potatoes; beat the yolk and nutmeg in the warm mashed potatoes. Note that mashed potatoes should be of a dry consistency, by beating them over fire in a pan. Place the potatoes in a piping bag with a fluted piping nozzle and pipe over greased baking tray in the shape of a vol au vent.  Place a teaspoon of the porcini ragout in the centre of the ‘vol au vent’. Brush with some melted butter and bake until golden. For the mushroom ragout; Spare 4 piece of mushrooms and push 2 each in a skewer for garnish.  Chop the remaining mushrooms into fine dice, cook gently with the shallot in a drop of olive oil and a few thyme springs. Next add in the balsamic vinegar and allow evaporation. Add beef stock and reduce. To finish, take off from the heat and beat in a spoon of cold butter to emulsify. Serving; Grill the steaks according to your liking; grill also the mushroom skewers. Place the Parma ham parcels in a hot oven for a couple of minutes to warm up the filling and slightly crispen the Parma ham. Serve the potatoes on the side of the plate, spoon a generous amount of the mushroom ragout on the bottom, place the beef medallions on top, on top of each other and the Parma ham parcel. Use the mushroom skewer to secure everything together.

Serves 2

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